Kinect being used to translate sign language

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Microsoft isn’t planning on using Kinect simply for gaming – with the motion recognition device having a multitude of real world possibilities; One of which is possibly the ability to translate sign language. It could, obviously, be incredibly useful for hearing impaired people, a well as those who’re able to hear but don’t understand signing. 

The Microsoft Research team in China has come up with a prototype that appears to work exceptionally well, except for the slow Bing integration. So far it can read American and Chinese sign language but I couldn’t imagine it would take that much more effort to add South African sign language into it as well. the bigger problem is that there are so many different standards of sign language, that it becomes more of a data problem than a technological one. 

Obviously this is still a prototype so it’s not perfect yet but the fact that it can do this does show how much better the Kinect 2 is than its predecessor.

Last Updated: July 17, 2013

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