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Konami wants to make children less fat – with Dance Dance Revolution

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Childhood obesity is increasingly becoming a global problem. Whether it’s through the proliferation of fast food joints, high fructose corn syrup, fast-paced lives that have lead to lazy parenting (and school lunchboxes filled with sugary crap) or, –  what the heck –  even videogames, There’s no denying that children all over the world are getting fatter. Hell, there’s a particularly tubby one in one of my kids’ class who looks like he’s eaten the Michelin man.

It’s a problem, and Konami wants to do something about through the power of dance!

Konami’s gone and announced Dance Dance Revolution Classroom Edition – something it’ll be launching at  the California Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance State Conference on February 24. The new PC game will allow for 48 mats to be hooked up to a single PC, allowing for an entire class to participate.

Great Idea…Asian kids love DDR..and have you seen how skinny most of them are? I love watching people who’re insanely good at DDR, because it’s so far removed from real dancing that it looks like an epileptic Duracell bunny on speed. it also always reminds of the single funny moment in the decidedly unfunny, godawful gamer-centric stoner movie Grandma’s boy (Yeah, I’m ready to get shouted at now) .

Speaking of Dance Dance Revolution and movies, did you know there’s  a movie coming – set in a post apocalyptic future, I might add – based on the game? Yes, really.

Last Updated: February 1, 2012

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