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The latest Horizon Zero Dawn trailer sheds light on its narrative

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Horizon Zero Dawn

I’ve been intrigued by Horizon Zero Dawn from day one, and desperate to get my hands on it since I saw it behind closed doors at E3 last year. In the third-person action RPG, players will take control of a character called Aloy, who they’ll use to navigate a world that’s set 1000 years in the future.

On that premise alone, you’d assume that technology for example, is at a point that we can barely comprehend. In Horizon Zero Dawn, its quite the opposite actually. Humankind has gone back in time somewhat, to a way of living that’s far more nomadic, and one that doesn’t rely so heavily on technology in the same way we do today. On top of this, animals, the robotic kind to be exact, roam the world as if it were their natural habitat.

It’s a compelling, fresh premise, and one that I simply cannot wait to dive into when the game launches on the 28th of February (or the 1st of March, depending on what territory you find yourself in). The narrative of Horizon Zero Dawn itself though, remains somewhat of a mystery. The stage is set, but what’s Aloy’s adventure all about? The game’s latest trailer sheds some light on the matter.

Play as Aloy, a young hunter on a quest to discover her destiny among the remnants of the ancient past.  Shunned by her own tribe since birth, Aloy has learned to harness her agility, cunning, and deadly aim to hunt the Machines, defend against rival tribes, and survive in the unforgiving wilds.

Journey through a world filled with strange artefacts and crumbling ruins to unlock its deepest mysteries. How did the Machines come to dominate this world, and what happened to the civilization that came before? The answers may determine Aloy’s fate – and that of humanity itself

Horizon Zero Dawn is being developed by Guerilla Games – the same company that developed the highly successful (and unbelievably gorgeous I might add) Killzone series. Thus far, it looks like they’ve got a winner on their hands with their latest outing. This new IP looks like it might well be Sony’s next big thing.

Last Updated: January 12, 2017

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