Lazygamer Feature – Lap Time Comparison: GT5 vs Forza 3 vs Real Life

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Ever wondered how close the lap times in games like Gran Turismo and Forza Motorsport come to the real thing?

We have been wanting to run this feature for just about forever, but had to wait for Gran Turismo to be released before we could do it properly. In this test we carefully selected two car/track setups to compare lap times with the real thing.

We sourced the real fastest lap times for each car on its respective track and then compared them to Gran Turismo 5 and Forza Motorsport 3.

Want to know which of the two is really the most accurate driving simulator? Hit the jump to find out.

Just a bit of added information before you take a look below:

The real lap times were pulled from

For the test, I acclimatized myself to each car/track for a very short while and then did 3 clean laps around the track. The average time was taken from the 3 laps, with the fastest of the laps recorded as well.

For the F40 test, as is true to the vehicle I ran the test with all assists off and used a manual gearbox. For the Audi R8 test, once again for accuracy to the real vehicle I allowed traction control, stability management as well as ABS.

It must also be noted that I put in the effort to drive 3 clean laps at a decently fast pace but could be considered completely average and safe rather than full attempts at breaking any records.

Although I consider myself completely capable of handling myself in a racing simulator, I do believe that the real-life drivers are better drivers than I but that their skill is balanced to mine due to the simulators lack of the fear factor and caution needed on a real track.

Here are the results found in our tests, we will be happy to answer any other questions in the comments and please feel free to run your own tests and post the results below.

Please click the image to view it at full size.


Last Updated: November 29, 2010

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