LittleBigPlanet Beta crashes more sites

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With all the interest around LBP it is no wonder that servers are going down but it is nice to hear that this time it isn’t the PSN or Media Molecule servers that are crashing (ala MGS Online) but rather the sites which manage to get their hands on beta keys.

First it was Eurogamer who, with all their resources, only managed to last a few minutes and now with many other sites being given beta keys the reports are coming in that a few other sites have crashed. The one really making the news is the Little Big Planet news site which was struggling all day yesterday to come to life for it’s few keys it was giving away.

I think the way that Media Molecule has handled this beta is brilliant, everyone is excited and on the edge of their seat trying to get a key. What makes it better is that they have already announced that we are trying to get into an old build and with no way of submitting feedback this is less a beta and more a marketing exercise.

A really good one at that… we are doing our best to get our hands on some keys but for now we are totally out of luck… hopefully something happens today.

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Last Updated: September 30, 2008

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