Mass Effect 2 Improves Elevator Loading

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If you’ve ever played Mass Effect then I’m sure you’re aware that the game uses elevators as a method to (albeit not so affective) hide the load screens. This wasn’t any less annoying than actual load screens though, hence the complaints.

Apparently the development staff are dedicated to rectify this annoying issue for Mass Effect 2. As a matter of a fact in a statement at Comic-Con, Casey Hudson (Executive Producer of the ME franchise) was bold enough to say, “We now have the fastest elevators in the industry”*. Its been reported that they’ve also improved Commander Shepard’s awkward staring at whoever he was talking to. Although I have no idea what they did to improve it.

Either way I’ve been looking forward to playing the sequel and hope that they didn’t waste any time with these improvements and miss out on some other important details.

Source: Comic-Con

Last Updated: July 29, 2009

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