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MercurySteam is passing the torch after Castlevania Lords of Shadow 2

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Cannibals - just taking their vampire fantasy, that bite too far.

There’s a tendency in gaming, and films specifically, that everything needs to come in a trilogy package. We’ve seen countless such products already, and sometimes, it just doesn’t work. That commitment to craft something, three times over, can backfire, as numerous second sequels can attest to. One studio that has no such plans to create a trilogy however, is MercurySteam, who will be moving onto new games once they wrap up their Castlevania sequel.

MercurySteam producer David Cox, speaking to Game Informer, explained how the studio had big plans for the sequel, but beyond that, their future would involve much less whipping and blood-sucking. “Our intention is to tell our story and then move on to other things,” Cox said.

We have a very interesting tale to tell – a story about Dracula. Our intention was to tackle the story from his perspective and give players an angle on his viewpoint. We have no intention of milking the series any further than that. I believe that any story worth telling should have a satisfying ending. This one has exactly that, and once its told I hope our audience will enjoy the saga as a unique and interesting take on the Castlevania mythology.

Speaking to VG247 at E3, the studio revealed how they didn’t want to be known as “the Castlevania team,” as there are other “projects and other ideas,” it wants to work on. “We’ve always felt that when we were given the Castlevania torch, so to speak, that it was never ours to keep”, Cox said during E3.

Luckily we got the chance to do our thing, but we were surprised by the success of our game and weren’t sure that we were going to get the chance to do another one. That’s why there’s the epilogue in the first. However, now that we’ve got the chance to finish the story we really want to do it justice and do something really special.

Castlevania Lords Of Shadow 2 releases next year, and it’s shaping up nicely for MercurySteam so far, as it looks set to end the tale with a bang. Not that kind, you dirty people. Sheesh.

Last Updated: July 25, 2012

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