miNt Gaming starts the year off with a bang

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Congratulations to the Lazygamer sponsored gaming team for starting their year off on a good note, lets hope they continue to be victorious moving forward. Full press release follows.

By Kr1mZ

The first DotA Weekend Cup of this year took place between the 30th January and 1st February, with the finals played the week after due to some delays. The competition that aims to run monthly attracted 16 teams, of which Bravado, Pantheon, miNt and tankh proved to be the teams to look out for.

Going into the event no seeding structure was available due to most teams being relatively new, thus the initial brackets were chosen at random so as not to introduce any bias. This resulted in Pantheon Gaming, Tankh and miNt all to fall in the same bracket and intense matches to occur early on in the tournament.

Of the teams in the tougher bracket, miNt advanced to the upper-bracket final after beating tankh, who in turn had sent Pantheon to the losers-bracket earlier in the competition. Tankh then defeated Pantheon for the second time, being the sole reason for Pantheon’s exit from the competition. miNt, after being forced to the losers-bracket by Bravado, did exactly the same to tankh, defeating them for a second time in the loser-bracket final.

In the other upper bracket matches, Bravado advanced with ease. Their only real challenge before the grand final occurred in the upper-bracket final where they faced miNt and won. Bravado now looked to be clear favourites heading into the grand final after remaining undefeated in the bracket stages.

Unfortunately the final was marred by technical difficulties due to storms in Cape Town and later ADSL resets via Telkom. During the first match of the best of three (where Bravado had already secured one point thanks to ending top of the bracket stages) stormy weather in Cape Town caused disconnects on both sides. A save at 37 minutes was reloaded a number of times before miNt destroyed Bravado’s throne in a 4v4 situation. The second match saw two Bravado players disconnect due to an ADSL reset without a save to restart from. miNt was leading at the time, with 3 towers to 0 and 8 kills to 6. The match was awarded to miNt due to this lead.

Winning both matches miNt became the winners of the first Weekend Cup of this year. miNt.DotA will now enjoy the top seeded position for the next Weekend Cup with registrations already open. Some great matches were played and teams can only look forward to another fantastic Weekend Cup experience.

Replays of all matches can be found here by clicking the “vs.” button, pertaining to the individual match ups.

Source: miNtGaming

Last Updated: February 10, 2009

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