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Molyneux believes critics expected too much from Kinect, too soon.

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I picked up a Kinect unit when the new motion-controller launched. I can’t say I wholly regret that decision; there are some really fun Kinect experiences, and it keeps the kids active and engaged. Largely though, I’ve been a little disappointed with the sort of games that have been available – which are a far cry from the sort of things we were promised we’d be getting when Microsoft unveiled the technology in 2009.

According to Molyneux, those sort of things are coming – we just expected too much, too soon.

“It’s just like any piece of new technology or invention, whether it’s a bike, a motorcar, or a flying machine. We as human beings just expect way too much, far too soon,” Molyneux said in response to GameInformer’s question of whther the technology was living up to expectations. “We expect the first wave of titles to be the most amazing, incredible things. We don’t think deeply enough about what actually can happen in the second and third wave of titles.”

“Now the second wave is just coming, and we’re starting to realize that it’s very deep, it’s very refined, we really can look at the way you move and that’s what I love celebrating.”

I hope you’re right Molyneux. I will buy your Fable: The journey – and I’d better be impressed. As for expecting things too soon? No, gamers just expected the sort of things we were told we’d be getting.

Remember this? I’ve yet to scan my own gear and use it in game.

Last Updated: March 16, 2012

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