More Awesome Mods For Left For Dead

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I’m sure by now everyone that owns Left For Dead on console occasionally stairs at the game that provides them with countless hours of awesomeness and lets out a little disappointed sigh. Its not that the game isn’t amazing bu rather because unlike the PC iteration of the title, the console versions don’t allow for gamers to modify it.

But anyway back to business, for those of you lucky enough to have the PC version at this point. There are some new mods out there for your enjoyment. Even though they’re not as eye-pleasing as and distracting as the ‘naked Zoey‘ mod, they’re still pretty cool.

For starters as you can see above there’s a cool new ‘Hell’s Angels’ leather jacket that you can dawn whilst tossing Heineken bottles at those pesky zombies. There are also six new downloadable skins as well as one for a blood-stained which and my personal favorite that turns Louis into the Shaun from the Shaun Of The Dead movie.

You can find them all over here.

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Last Updated: June 29, 2009

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