Mortal Kombat gets a familiar game mode: Challenge Tower

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We love Mortal Kombat here at Lazygamer and we’re ridiculously excited for the upcoming reboot. Now, however, we’re even more excited; we’re ridiculously ridiculously excited. Why? Because this new Challenge Tower game mode looks like pure win.

The Challenge Tower brings some familiar elements back to the reboot. You’ll climb a tower with 300 challenges on it, which include Mortal Kombat staples like “Test Your Might”. There are dozens of new scenarios though. One in particular is Test Your Luck in which you’ll be faced with a slot machine set of wheels that will spin and randomly select a number of modifiers for a fight. You might not be able to jump; your opponent will be randomly selected; the floor might shoot flames out of it every now and then. Basically, all manner of insanity could hit just before a match – the screen could even flip upside down.

Awesome video after the jump.

Last Updated: March 3, 2011

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