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New League of Legends champion will be a time traveller

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Ekko lol

Ever missed your awesome ability by just a second or two? Well, League of Legends feels your pain. With this latest champion, you can rewind time and try again. Well, at least that’s what the teaser video implies.

League of Legends proudly, teasingly introduces, Ekko: the boy who shattered time. Here’s the new video:

It’s hard to tell much from a video like this. However, one thing that’s interesting is that rewinding time doesn’t undo the damage he takes. Rewind and try again to kill your opponent, but don’t expect to rewind to before you took any damage and come out unscathed. It’s an interesting mechanic and it will be cool to see exactly which abilities they give him.

I like what League of Legends has been doing with their videos. It’s cool to see a more live action and lively approach to video. Sure, it has nothing to do with the MOBA gameplay, but it still makes for some more interesting viewing and gives a bit more background into why champions have the skills and abilities that they do. Plus, it allows for fans of the game to speculate for weeks on end if he’ll be an AD or AP champion and whether or not he’ll use mana. I’m voting no mana and AD, but that’s based on pure speculation from the video.

Do videos like these make you want to jump back into your favourite MOBA, or do the videos have nothing to do with your enjoyment factor for the game?

Last Updated: May 12, 2015

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