New Sims 4 trailer shows the weirdest Sim

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Bored Sim watches TV

After you’ve replicated your own family in the Sims, most people decide to go all out and make the strangest Sims that they possibly can, in the most bizarre home. You’re not alone with your unusual creations – just check out the latest trailer from EA.

Okay, so I might have lied a little. This is actually a trailer about the most boring Sim ever created. However, because he’s so boring, his interactions with other Sims will be really weird and interesting. Or perhaps it’s just a meta-trailer, to show us how monotonous life is, no matter how outlandish you make your Sim.

The best part of this particular trailer is the awesome narration and references to memes. This Sim doesn’t always eat breakfast, but when he does, pancakes!

I’m liking the new focus of The Sims 4. It seems that EA has realized that people don’t really want to recreate their own lives – they want to make weird and interesting stories using strange Sims and even stranger buildings. They want to lock their Sim in the bathroom, or be like Darryn and build walls of fire next to their favorite activities. Or perhaps just play their fears off of their desires and see what happens. It’s all about making interesting stories with intriguing characters – what strange and horrible thing will the Sim do next?

Has this been your approach to the Sims? Were you in search of a perfect life via Sims, or is it all about watching the world burn?

Last Updated: August 6, 2014

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