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New Syndicate title to be revealed at Gamescom?

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Bullfrog’s Syndicate is still one of my favourite titles of all time and one that I have been hoping they will release an updated sequel for for quite some time now.

The rumour of a brand new Syndicate keeps popping up to rapturous fanboy applause and according to a new rumour we may finally get what we’ve been asking for with a new Syndicate reveal at Gamescom next week.

The latest rumour has been kickstarted by a developer at Starbreeze Studio who is known to be working on a secret project entitled Project Redlime. It’s long been thought that Redlime was the secret project name for Syndicate and soon we’ll know for sure as the developer tweeted

Grand moment approaching. The reveal for #starbreeze and EA’s project #redlime time to meet the press.

EA is holding a press release next Tuesday and we’ll be there covering every valuable second of it so stay tuned to see if Redlime turns out to be a true Syndicate sequel or some arb drinking game.

Source: Kotaku

Last Updated: August 11, 2011

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