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NFS Shift developer takes a swipe at Gran Turismo

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Stephen Viljoen from Slightly Mad Studios, the developers behind the Need for Speed series, was talking to the press yesterday at a prelaunch press event and couldn’t resist taking a massive dig at other racing titles out there who try and pad their car lists.

According to Stephen Viljoen the philosophy behind the Shift series is, and always has been, is that every car needs to be a driving experience

“We feel that we want to provide the player with cars that are unique enough from each other to make them worthwhile having”

he goes on to say

“We don’t want to have a player having 20 versions of a Honda S2000… that’s pointless”

“We also don’t count the same car counted in different liveries as a different car”

So in total they now only have around 150 cars in the game but I for one support them in putting in 150 unique cars and not just adding as many models as they can to try and pad the statistics.

Last Updated: March 24, 2011

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