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Nightwing pays a visit to Arkham City next month

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Enjoying the wonderful, twisted world of Arkham City? If you haven’t yet given the game a go, then maybe you should also enter our contest to snag yourself a copy. But for the rest of us, we’re still gliding around, solving crime and beating seven shades of terror out of thugs, uncovering more secrets every day.

The great thing about Arkham City is, that you don’t have to play as just the bat. Catwoman is available for some free world exploring as well, while the Caped Crusaders current sidekick, Robin, can be used in challenge maps.

The next playable character to make an appearance in the title, will be none other than the first Batman sidekick, who graduated and became his own hero, the vigilante without a describing adjective, Nightwing. Trailer after the jump.

The challenge map version of Dick Graysons night-time persona looks like lots of fun to play with, as well as a more distinct and dangerous fighter. The Nightwing bundle will be available from November 2nd, and is priced at 560 MS Points for the Xbox, and roughly R60 for PS3 purchasers.

Last Updated: October 27, 2011

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