Nintendo promises that Zelda is still coming to the Wii U

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Nintendo flopped at E3 this year with a boring digital conference and a distinct lack of games that anyone really wanted to play, but apparently that was planned and there really are some great games coming.

And the one that most fans were worried about, Zelda, is actually still under development for the Wii U and is looking fantastic.

According to an interview Reggie had with Gamespot the reason they didn’t show us any Zelda footage on the Wii U was because they didn’t want to upset the fans.

No seriously Reggie actually said this

We where concerned that, by showing wonderful footage of the game, it would lead to further disappointment on behalf of the fans.

So, that was the judgement call that we made

I don’t really know how to react to that to be honest. Why would you not show your number one title at the biggest gaming conference in the world? A lot of people feel the game is now going to be held over to be released on the new Nintendo console, NX, and that Nintendo has completely given up on the Wii U.

And to be honest from a business perspective it would probably be their best move. The Wii U is obviously nearing the end of its cycle and it definitely didn’t grab the world’s attention like the Wii did so there isn’t much reason to release your biggest title at the end of the console’s life cycle but then again I guess it really does depend on how easily the game’s code can be ported over to the NX platform – giving us a Twilight Princess situation all over again.

Added to that the huge success of the Nintendo Amibo’s would likely mean that more of Nintendo’s resources are going to be focussed on riding that gravy train right now and less on software development.

Last Updated: June 22, 2015

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