No NFS: Hot Pursuit DLC for PC

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Bad news everyone: the previously mentioned PDLC (paid-for DLC) for Hot Pursuit is not coming to PC. This was announced via the game’s official message boards. Sadly, the post mentioned further bad news for PC gamers: there will be no DLC for the PC version of Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit at all.

According to Criterion reps on the message boards this is due to “limited amounts of resources” which obviously makes then “unable to deliver new content to all platforms”. Naturally, PC gamers on the message boards weren’t impressed by the announcement and took little solace in Criterion saying “more updates and content on the way for PC players”. Whether that means the PC version will be getting completely separate DLC, or whether it’s just a comment to try and pacify irate PC gamers, is yet to be seen as no other details were given. Hopefully you weren’t looking forward to driving the Bugatti Veyron SS.

Source: Kotkau

Last Updated: December 13, 2010

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