Not even god-mode can save your cheating ass in GTA V PC

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Grad Theft Auto V! It’s finally, finally on PC. That’s the entire game, from the gripping story through to GTA Online that’s available for PC gamers to experience. And of course, it’s the kind of game that’ll attract a certain kind of scummy player. Specifically the kind of player who uses cheats online. Thing is, even being more indestructible than the Juggernaut can only take you so far in GTA Online. And one regular player decided to teach a hacker a lesson in ragdoll physics 101.

Let me paint the scene for you. It’s a balmy night out in Los Santos, you’re cruising around and then all of a sudden you find yourself staring down the sawn-off barrels of a shotgun. It’s fight or flight time baby. So you unleash hell, dropping newly-acquired rockets at your latest nemesis and you think you’re safe. WRONG!

Because this fella ain’t dead, unlike my disco career. He’s a hacker, using cheats to game the system and cause havoc with no consequences whatsoever. Well Pluxar had enough of that, and decided to hunt this player down and unleash hell. And the plan was simple really, as Pluxar used the hacker’s invulnerability against him. Pluxar got into an armoured vehicle and proceeded to either lob explosives at the culprit, or keep running him down until he rage-quit. And thanks to the in-game physics that leave players helpless when they’re assaulted in several ways, the method worked. Here’s the video of it in action:

Rest easy Los Santos, your streets are safe. Well, until another hacker figures out a proper “noclip” mode for the game.

Last Updated: April 28, 2015

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