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Now Randy Pitchford turns his attentions to Crytek and id – Apparently they misjudged the longevity of this generation

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Randy Pitchford… sidebar, is it only me or does anyone else always want to say Randy Pitchfork when reading that name? And does Randy Pitchfork make you think of shenanigans in a barn somewhere? Only me?… okay let’s carry on.

Randy… the president of Gearbox (Borderlands developers) has previously had a go at Valve for being 360 fanboys and has now decided to turn his attention to Crytek and industry stalwart id.

Basically he feels that they misjudged this generation by creating engines that will only really run well on the next generation of consoles and seeing that we won’t be getting a new generation for a couple of years they may end up in a bit of trouble… or in his words’

“Some people have invested a lot going to a place that’s too far, and the customers aren’t ready for that yet because they don’t have the hardware for it. And so they can’t find the market. I was thinking of Crytek, they couldn’t find a market because they made a game [Crysis] that very few people could play. I’m not putting words in their mouth, I remember reading something publically where they said they couldn’t put this on consoles because of the hardware”


“We see the id guys talking continuously about this, [with Rage] – ‘well, Sony will have a Blu-Ray and I don’t know what we’ll do on the 360, maybe we’ll have three DVD’s… if the publisher will let us do that, maybe we’ll errrrahh I dunno”

Now these quotes come from an interview that he held before Borderlands was released which I guess shows that the success of Borderlands isn’t going to his head he is just that sort of person.

In one way it feels weird with this relative newcomer on the scene calling out all the big guys but I have to say I have agreed with everything he has said so far.

id were my favourite developer of all time but they have slipped recently and as nice as rage looks it’s all smoke and mirrors until they can get it on a console in front of me.

He is also spot on with Crysis, it was an awesome game that virtually no one could run. There really is no point in that.

So do you think it’s right that he is speaking out like this?

Source: OXM

Last Updated: November 17, 2009

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