Oh god, John Romero is making a new FPS

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John Romero is one of the co-founders of iD, and is responsible for design on games you love, like Doom, Quake and Wolfenstein. What he’ll always be remembered for though is the frankly godawful shooter he released under Ion Storm in 2000, Daikatana. And now, nearly 15 years on, he’s trying his hand at the FPS again.

Romero confirmed that he’s busy making a new shooter, among several other games

“I’m working on several games at once right now,” Romero told Joystiq in their podcast. “But [Brenda Romero] had mentioned earlier that I’m working with a concept artist, and so I’ve got some cool imagery for the main character,” he added, without specifying much else.

“I haven’t made a shooter since 2000. So I’m basically starting to work on another one,” he went on to confirm.

Is the world ready for something new from Daikatana’s creator? That game was a such a monumental failure, that it caused developer Ion Storm to close its Dallas offices, and has a remaining legacy of being one of the most commercially unsuccessful games in the history of the medium. The game was built using the Quake 2 engine, but was so oft delayed that by the time it was released, it was already lagging behind in the technology department, overshadowed by Quake 3 and any other games that were actually fun.

For the last few years, Romero has been making mobile and casual games with fun titles like Pettington Park and Dodger Down.

Last Updated: August 12, 2014

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