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Our Minecraft server is starting to look pretty

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So last week we announced our  brand new Lazygamer.net Minecraft server that we’ve commissioned just for our awesome community.

If you haven’t tried it out yet then fire up Minecraft and join us on minecraft.lazygamer.net:25655

Gareth Bockel has been a huge help in getting this going and ensuring the server stays up and stable and this morning he overloaded my inbox with a ton of pictures of how the world is taking shape.

Now I’m the first to admit I don’t really get the Minecraft fascination but I am always blown away by what people can create with just different coloured blocks. Not to mention the more my daughters explain the game to me the more impressed I am with its depth.

Take a look at what our world currently looks like.

2014-02-25_19.02.54 2014-02-25_19.04.022014-02-25_19.04.21 2014-02-25_19.04.322014-02-25_19.04.53 2014-02-25_19.06.542014-02-25_19.07.05 2014-02-25_19.07.172014-02-25_19.09.40 2014-02-25_19.09.562014-02-25_19.10.13 2014-02-25_19.10.422014-02-25_19.10.53 2014-02-25_19.11.062014-02-25_19.11.17 2014-02-25_19.11.282014-02-25_19.11.38 2014-02-25_19.11.582014-02-25_19.12.08 2014-02-25_19.12.222014-02-25_19.12.33 2014-02-25_19.12.492014-02-25_19.13.02 2014-02-25_19.13.122014-02-25_19.13.33 2014-02-25_19.13.522014-02-25_19.14.15 2014-02-25_19.14.262014-02-25_19.14.38 2014-02-25_19.14.492014-02-25_19.15.09 2014-02-25_19.15.192014-02-25_19.15.39 2014-02-25_19.17.112014-02-25_19.17.27 2014-02-25_19.17.362014-02-25_19.17.48 2014-02-25_19.17.582014-02-25_19.20.52 2014-02-25_19.21.24

Aw someone made Rince’s island all pretty with flowers and everything.

So if you think you can do better or just want to give Minecraft a shot then head onto our server and say hi. We’re all really nice people after all.

A huge thanks goes to out to Astral Servers for handing this server over to us and making this a possibility.

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Last Updated: February 26, 2014

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