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Overwatch’s latest patch includes one very surprising nerf

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Last night saw Blizzard rolling out the latest update for popular multiplayer shooter Overwatch. The latest patch has been much anticipated as it launches Overwatch’s new seasonal event celebrating the Chinese Year of the Rooster. Players will be getting new thematic skins, sprays and emotes, as well as a brand new Capture the Flag styled game mode. Along with the new event, the patch also brought with it the long awaited Hook 2.0, which should now stop Roadhog’s hook from breaking the laws of time and space as he hooked people through walls and across dimensions.

Then there are the nerfs to D.Va and Ana which should make these two characters a little more reasonable – in the case of D.Va she will now actually go back to being killable again, as her last buff left her in a completely overpowered state. And there’s also a small buff to newest character Sombra which should make her kit more effective.

There are numerous other tweaks as well including a more informative kill feed, being able to equip multiple sprays, emotes and voice lines, and allowing random players into joining team chats. Overall some pretty good improvements. And one TOTALLY unexpected change that nobody has spoken about until now. Checking out the official patch notes this morning, I spotted this entry under General Updates:

Crouch now has a very small cooldown between uses

Wait a minute… A cooldown between crouches? Why would that even be necessary? What’s wrong with being able to continuously hit crouch over and over aga- Oh yeah. Right. Teabagging.

For those of you that still remain pure of heart, teabagging in real life is a frat party prank involving lowering your exposed scrotum onto the face of an unsuspecting victim. Yes, immature and dumb. In gaming, it involves standing over the body of your recently slain enemy, and rapidly pressing crouch so as to mimic the same action. It’s a silly bit of tomfoolery meant to taunt your opponent, but it seems that Blizzard isn’t standing for it. No, there’s only one type of teabagging that they want in their game, and it involves old ladies.

No, not like that you pervs!

Last Updated: January 25, 2017

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