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Patch 3.6 for StarCraft II contains Alarak, a new Co-op Mission, and more

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Patch 3.6 for StarCraft II

At Gamescom last month, Blizzard announced a whole lot of new content for StarCraft II. It’s now all available in the RTS thanks to Patch 3.6. Here’s an overview everything it entails…


The Tal’darim highlord is finally playable as a commander in Co-op Missions. Here’s what his kit looks like:

  • Deadly Charge: Alarak intercepts a target enemy unit and deals a deadly strike.
  • Destruction Wave: Unleashes a massive wave of force in a straight line, dealing damage to enemies in its path and knocking them back
  • Empower Me: Alarak temporality gains increased attack and ability damage for each nearby friendly unit.
  • Structure Overcharge: Temporarily energizes target friendly structure, allowing it to attack nearby enemy ground and air units.
  • Summon Death Fleet: Warps in a Tal’darim Mothership and Destroyers

Alarak isn’t free unfortunately. He costs $4.99, just like the last commander, Abathur. Based on his abilities though, he sounds like a worthy investment for anybody who enjoys the Co-op Missions portion of Legacy of the Void.

Mist Opportunities

Remember that scientist from the Terran portion of StarCraft II, Egon Stetmann? He’s back, and in his very own Co-op Mission!

Mist Opportunities is set on Bel’Shir, and your company for this journey is none other than Egon Stetmann, from the Wings of Liberty campaign. Except… well, it’s been awhile since we’ve last seen Egon, and things have changed somewhat drastically.

During his time on Bel’Shir, Stetmann has become extremely proficient at harvesting terrazine gas thanks to his efforts in creating robotic friends“Harvesters”. These Harvesters are all Stetmann has on this world (except the world itself, who he has chatted with on numerous occasions and considers a close friend), so he’ll want you to protect them with everything you have at your disposal while they do what they were built to do: harvest terrazine gas.

Egon Stetmann

I love me some new missions! I’m quite keen to see what good ol’ Stetmann has to say on Mist Opportunities, even if he has gone a little… er… crazy.

Custom Mutators

Back in patch 3.3, Blizzard introduced mutators. To recap quickly, they’re modifiers that change up the core Co-op Missions experience. One mutator for example, will see your base attacked by regular waves of an undead horde, while another will scatter mines all over the map.

If you and your closest commander buddy found that these modifiers weren’t much of a challenge, well, you’re both definitely going to enjoy the new Custom Mutator setting. It’ll allow you to tack not one, but ten mutators onto your mission!

In Patch 3.6, you and an ally will have the power to craft your very own Mutation on any Co-op Mission. Unlike the Weekly Mutations, you’ll be able to apply up to ten different Mutators to a single mission. Think of the toughest Weekly Mutation you’ve faced and imagine adding seven more nerve-wracking challenges. Some of these combinations will probably be impossible to overcome, but we know that won’t stop you from trying.


Test Map Matchmaker

As a highly competitive RTS, StarCraft II constantly needs testing and feedback from the community. The new Test Map Matchmaker will allow players to take out whatever tweaks Blizzard have in mind out for a spin, before they’re added into the main game client.

Starting with Patch 3.6, you will see a new ‘Testing’ sub-menu appear in the Multiplayer section of StarCraft II. This section will offer matchmaking where players of similar skill can play against one another in the newest version of the StarCraft II Balance Test Map. The version of StarCraft II that will be available in the Balance Test Map is radically different than what is currently live on the Ladder, and to make it as easy as possible to know what you’re getting into, you can now view the changes that are being tested directly within the client.


That’s it for Patch 3.6! I’ve only given a very brief overview of all its core features, so If you’d like to read everything in more detail, I’d recommend you head over to the official patch page.

It’s quite a nice update. I don’t play Co-op Missions nearly enough to justify buying Alarak (or play with ten mutators), but I will definitely update my game to say hello to Egon. What about you? Are you still playing Blizzard’s RTS?

Last Updated: September 14, 2016

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