Pokemon and Walking Dead skins for Minecraft and Cubeworld

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I really shouldn’t watch Silence of the Lambs before going to sleep – now I’m imagining gaming skins as something very different.  That said, Minecraft for 360 and CubeWorld are getting some awesome skins!

Skin Pack 5 for Minecraft on Xbox 360 will feature the cast of the The Walking Dead: Season One.  Skins for Lee Everett, Kenny, Female Walker, Molly, Male Walker, Christa, and Omid will be available.  Yeah, really creeped out by the idea of wearing a zombie skin, but it’s still quite cool.  Skin Pack 5 releases today and will cost you 160 MS points.

Pokemon skins for CubeWorld sound far less disturbing to me. This mod lets you change all kinds of creatures and items.  For example, a CubeWorld pig become Slowpoke, squirrels are depicted as Charmander, and pet boxes are shown as Pokeballs.  You can check out more mod details here, including how to get it and which launchers are necessary.  Oh, and here are some pictures for your viewing pleasure – so glad CubeWorld now has a Clefairy!


Last Updated: July 31, 2013

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