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PS3 Firmware 2.5 has screen grabbing

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Sony may be about to pull a fast one the Xbox 360 in a way that I doubt anyone, possibly even Sony, had seen.

The latest PS3 firmware 2.5 is rumoured to be adding the ability to screengrab from a game at any time and save that away securely to your hard drive. The guys over at CVG aren’t sure what use that is but that is because they are a huge site with third party screen grabbing technology already.

For us this could be a huge break through and if it grabs the screens in full HD then we will also be able to provide screenshots and comparison shots in our reviews like the big guys without all that external hardware (and huge costs).

In short it will be making us ask for the PS3 copy to review instead of the 360 copy and should lead to us offering more customised content.

Oh and for everyone else it’s an awesome way to get new background pictures, theme pictures and to show your friends how uber cool you are.

Let’s hope this is really coming in the next version.

Source: CVG

Last Updated: August 27, 2008

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