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PS3 Hacker GeoHot Attacks Sony with Hip-Hop

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GeoHot, the famed iPhone and PS3 hacker was recently sued by Sony for his role in the public dissemination of the PS3’s root keys, the security codes that keep arbitrary code from being executed on the console. More recently, Sony were granted an order for him to hand in all of his computer equipment.

I’ve always had a little respect for GeoHot, , but only because of the skill required in finding the exploits used to bypass security systems and not because I think he’s a good guy. He comes across as a complete jerk – and one of his newest exploits, a Youtube video where he taunts Sony using – of all things – hip-hop, only serves to confirm his status as a dick.

Forgoing any semblance of common sense GeoHot -full name George Francis Hotz – has verbally attacked Sony, and proven to the blind just how white he is. Had he gone about the whole affair in a civil, adult manner, he’d probably have been snapped up by one of the “big 3” console manufacturers to help tighten security on a next-gen system. Instead, he’s done this. After the jump you’ll be treated to a mildly NSFW video of wordsmith extraordinaire GeoHot calling Sony “fudge packers.”


Last Updated: February 14, 2011

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