Home PSA: Stay out of public lobbies in GTA Online on PC

PSA: Stay out of public lobbies in GTA Online on PC

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I haven’t played Grand Theft Auto Online since it made its debut on the last generation of consoles – but there are still many, many people who love getting together to cause digital chaos on the streets of Los Santos.

IT has, however, become the playground of hackers, scammers and cheaters – who’re doing all they can to ruin people’s fun. There’s a new hack doing the rounds in the PC version of the game, that has online jerks permanently siphoning the online cash of other players.

It’s been dubbed “Insurance Fraud,” and involves a cheater spawning a ludicrously expensive car, wrecking it, and having the value of that car come off another player’s account. What makes this hack a little different to previous ones – and significantly more serious – is that it doesn’t generate GTA space bucks, it steals it from others. While that cash be earned in the game, it can also be bought with real-world money, so this is straight up theft.

PC gamers who’re still playing GTA Online are urged to stay out of public lobbies until Rockstar manages to fix this – if they can even fix this. One of the fundamental issues with GTA Online is that most of the game’s pertinent information is stored client side instead of server side, with game running on Peer to Peer. That leaves it wide open to hacks and attacks. Rockstar has, in recent times, tried to implement better user stat tracking – but it’s not quite worked out.

GTA Online remains a cat and mouse game between Rockstar and cheaters, and that doesn’t look like it’s set to change any time soon.

Last Updated: March 8, 2016

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