Puzzling musical magic with Cadence

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I absolutely adore puzzle games. There’s little in this world that can better the feeling of solving a particular puzzle that I’ve been stumped by for hours. A wave of satisfaction that feels incredible rewarding, only made better by the appearance of another challenge. Like I said, I love puzzles, and that’s why I’m already in love with Cadence.

In case you haven’t seen it yet, Cadence is a simple yet charming puzzle title that revolves entirely around sounds. The term “open-ended” puzzle solving is thrown around a lot, and for a reason. No puzzle has one solution. Instead you’re left to create our own unique melody to progress, which means you’ll probably struggle to not keep coming back.

Sound a bit confusing? If I hadn’t already played Cadence, I’d also be extremely lost right about now, but that’s why this latest walkthrough is so damn awesome. You get to see Cadence in motion, in all of its relaxing beauty, as well as a small glimpse at some of the new features the game is getting. These include different instrument types and access to things like pitch and frequency. My inner Benoni DJ is singing right now.

Cadence is currently in development for PC, Mac and iOS right here in South Africa. You can play an early demo of the game right here, although it must be said that its progressed miles since then. There’s still no word on a release date, but it looks like Made With Monster Love still want to add a lot more before they’re happy.

With the way it’s looking, they’re welcome to take all the time they want. I absolutely cannot wait to hopefully play more at rAge this year.

Last Updated: September 2, 2014

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