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Quantum Break uses fancy performance capture

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The biggest change in how we experience emotions and feel things in games will come through technological advancements that help bridge the uncanny valley. When people start looking and feeling more real in games, we’ll start developing stronger emotional reactions to them, and then maybe David Cage will explode from joy.


His latest game, Beyond: Two Souls made great strides in performance capture, as did The Last of Us – but both have been hampered by the constraints of the previous generation. Mayhaps that will change with the new consoles. Mayhaps it will change with Xbox Exclusive Quantum Break, which uses a DI4D for its performance capture. 

“DI4D is able to derive super high definition facial motion capture from an array of nine standard video cameras, without using markers, makeup or special illumination,” says a press release. “Remedy will use DI4D software to process facial performance capture in Quantum Break.”

Xbox One exclusive Quantum Break runs alongside an included Live Action series that supplements gameplay, so it makes sense to have game characters more than just resemble their motion-picture counterparts.

“Quantum Break is a hugely ambitious project that combines action and narrative components in a unique way to bring the characters to life. The only way to achieve the high quality of performance was to create highly realistic digital doubles of talented actors. By using Dimensional Imaging’s DI4D facial performance-capture solution combined with Remedy’s Northlight storytelling technology we can ensure that every nuance of the actors’ performances are captured on screen,” says Remedy creative director Sam Lake.

We’ve actually seen very little of the actual game so far, beyond an E3 trailer, but I’m quite excited at what the guys who brought us Max Payne and Alan Wake are busy preparing. If nothing, they tell exceptional stories, and Quantum Break, I’m sure, will be intriguing.

Here’s something that could well be actual gameplay; an escaped gif that we pilfered from neoGAF.


Last Updated: November 25, 2013

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