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Rainbow Six: Siege has ten maps, but more are coming as DLC

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Rainbow Six Siege will launch with just 10 maps

Rainbow Six has always been about both competitive and co-operative play, and this year’s Siege is really taking that to heart. Tossing out a traditional Story Mode for a fully multiplayer focused experience should mean that Rainbow Six launches as a polished gem – with a variety of game modes, maps and depth to keep players breaching doors and tactically saving hostages for months to come. At least now we know for sure just how many maps will accompany the game at launch – and more importantly, how many won’t.

Siege Level designer Benoit Deschamps has confirmed that the multiplayer shooter will launch in December with just 10 maps, while Ubisoft bringing together more for some post-launch content. Speaking at an event in Sydney, Deschamps stated that the team cut down their original 50 ideas to just 10 really good maps, and promised that more would be worked on once the game has launched.

“As for now yes, there are ten maps,” he said, “but we have more planned because we’re already working on more content for players after launch.”

The cynic in me wants to believe that some of those post-launch maps might just be ideas held back from the main launch, which would fit nicely into the perceived idea that core content is cut in order to be sold to us at a later time. That’s likely what’s happened, but that doesn’t mean Ubisoft suddenly tossed out 40 other maps just for fun. Although there might have been that many ideas, it’s common for things to be ripped out the closer you get to launch, and perhaps some maps just weren’t up to scratch.

Ten maps is pretty normal, but for a game so heavily focused on its multiplayer it is a little surprising. Rainbow Six: Siege has to grab attention straight out of the gates and never let go – a principle that a lack of content at launch will definitely hinder. Ubisoft definitely plans to keep interest alive with constant content injections, but hopefully don’t run into the same problems games like Evolve did: too little substance to carry people on for the months of DLC launches.

Either way, I’ve enjoyed my time with Rainbow Six: Siege in the past, and eagerly await even more tactical pew pew in the beta next week.

Last Updated: September 16, 2015

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