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Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart presentation shows off 15 minutes of new gameplay

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Ratchet and Rivet

What began with a neat trailer this week featuring more Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart details, expanded into a full and dedicated State of Play last night as Sony dropped a whole lot more content for its upcoming June game. So far it looks like polished fun from the franchise: Great characters, plenty of whacky weapons, and a mission to save the galaxy from that Nefarious dude who is always up to the most evil of hijinks. Hijinks I say!

Check it out below:

Now that’s an in-depth look! Built from the ground up for the PS5 according to creative director Marcus Smith, Rift Apart stars the familiar duo but in a new direction. Ratchet has been separated from Clank and has to fight back against Dr Nefarious’ army in an alternate dimension where he has finally won, while Clank teams up with the new Lombax hero Rivet as she leads a resistance force.

For this game, Insomniac said that it was focusing on making Ratchet more mobile than ever by adding wall-running, rift tether, and dash abilities to his arsenal. With Clank out of the picture in his adventure, Ratchet also gets a handy pair of rocket boots for hovering action, while his little robot buddy will have to solve several dimensional puzzles.

As a first-party PS5 game, there’s also going to be a big emphasis on the DualSense controller, which can use its adaptive triggers to create alternate-firing modes for weapons. Pull them in halfway to fire a single shot from the Enforcer, or yank the trigger down to unleash twin blasts of firepower all at once. Insomniac also added that the haptic feedback will let you know just how much power each shot.

As for that jumping through dimensional rifts to reach new levels? That was also on display, as the PS5’s SSD seemed to be doing a brilliant job at loading in new levels almost instantaneously with this main event feature. It’s all looking good, and June 11 can’t get here soon enough.

Last Updated: April 30, 2021

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