Red Dead Redemption Gets updates, shows Co-Op Trophies

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Rockstar’s sublime Red Dead Redemption has gotten an update on the PS3 – and it’s given us a glimpse of what to expect when the free Outlaws To the End Co-op DLC launches next month.

The DLC brings 4 player co-op specific missions, and quite frankly, I can’t wait. It’s no secret that I’m not too fond of open world sandbox games – going so far as to consider GTA IV one of the most overrated games in existence – but Red Dead, although it follows the same formula and could ostensibly be called Grand Theft Equus, has me in awe. It could possibly be that it allows for fantasy escapism; While I’ve lived in a large city all my life, I’ve never been a frontier cowboy.

Find the slightly spoilerific trophies after the jump. No word on achievements for 360 players yet, but chances are they’ll be the same.

Well Done – Bronze – Complete a co-op Mission
Have posse, will travel – Bronze – Complete all co-op missions
2 Guys, 1 co-op – Bronze – Complete co-op mission with 2 people
Stake a claim – Bronze – Get a gold medal in any co-op mission
Struck gold – Bronze – Gold medal in all co-op missions
Friends indeed – Bronze – Complete a co-op mission without anyone dieing
You rule – Bronze – Complete all advanced co-op missions
Your mother iode – Bronze – Gold medal in all advanced co-op missions
Dodge this – Bronze – Achieve a kill chain of 10 or more in any advanced co-op mission
Bulletproof – Bronze – Complete a co-op mission without dieing

Issues with that list? Firstly, “dying” incorrectly spelled and “Friends indeed” and “Bulletproof” seem to be the same thing. I put that down to a transcription problem on the part of Playstation Lifestyle as opposed to faux pas’ on the part of Rockstar though.

Source : Playstation Lifestyle


    Last Updated: May 31, 2010

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