Red Dead Redemption passes the 8 million mark

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I have a soft spot for Red Dead Redemption that comes from when I posted my early preview feelings about the game only to be roundly told that the game was going to be awful.

It amazed me then that so many people expected it to be an abysmal failure even though there was no real reason to believe that at the time, Rockstar noticed the trend and started putting a lot of effort into marketing it’s Wild West extravaganza and since the game is a really solid title the marketing push has paid off.

Take Two has now announced that Red Dead Redemption has now sold over 8 million units and has helped them post a profit for the first time in a non Grand Theft Auto year.

For me the defining moment of Red Dead Redemption was when Rockstar released the awesome DLC packs that entirely changed the game. I still prefer the original but the ability to change the game so substantially has now become something of legends.

Lets hope though we don’t see a RDR2 until at least 2012

Source: Videogamer

Last Updated: December 22, 2010

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