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With Yvette van Rooyen taking over the reigns as Xbox 360 lead in South Africa a question popped in my mind regarding one question Mygaming had for her.

Q: You are well aware that there are thousands of local gamers currently using UK or US Xbox Live accounts. What will happen to their gamer score, demos, and bought games when local Xbox Live becomes a reality?

A: We are hoping that we will be able to migrate these accounts to local accounts, however we haven’t had confirmation yet on this – I am assuming that as soon as they give us a date they will give us a bit more insight into the extent of the service that will be provided.

With this I had a flashback to when New Zealand first got their Xbox Live service. They were in the same situation as South Africa. Most of the locals gamers purchased Australian Accounts and played Live.

Everyone was content until Microsoft announced that New Zealand would get their own Live Service.

First, everyone rejoiced that they would be getting their own service but then one after the other a question popped up from the gamers.

“Will I be able to migrate my gamertag/account?”

The statement Microsoft released was: “We do not have the system in place for transfers as it involves content and license transfers”

The result was that all the gamers had to purchase new accounts / gamertags and loose all Gamerscore. Content could still be played as this was on the local console and could be accessed.

Our problem, though, is much bigger. The time line from when Australia got the Live service until New Zealand got theirs was only a year or two but in South Africa it’s been much longer. The Xbox 360 was launched locally in September 2006 – so it has almost been a full 4 years.

Now my question is: “If Microsoft is not willing/able to migrate your account, will you be willing to let go of your gamertag and gamer score?”

This could be interesting as social gamers could see benefit in regards to local prices, local content etc. but Gamerscore Whores have a reputation to uphold with their scores.

…personally I love my gamer tag and would not be willing to let go.

You can read the full interview with Yvette van Rooyen over at Mygaming

Last Updated: June 4, 2010

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