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Report: Nintendo to release a smaller, cheaper, more portable Switch in 2019

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Yesterday, when I detailed the Switch’s incredible sales, I mentioned that there’s a strong possibility of a revised, cheaper Switch on the way to plug the whole left by the very close to dead 3DS.

Now, a report out of Japan’s Nikkei suggests the same, saying that a new model is coming this year that focuses not on increasing the console’s power – but rather on increased portability and a lower price. According to the report (translated by Nintendo Everything), the new Switch will be a somewhat diminutive one, focused on “portability” and “playing outside.”

The report says it’ll cut features to bring the price down. With portability in mind, the obvious thing to cut would be the dock that allows the system to be tethered to a Tv and used as a traditional console. The report doesn’t detail specs, but presumably another avenue is to reduce the screen size, but that brings with it a few problems. If the Joy-Cons are no longer compatible, or able to clipped on and off, there’s a chance the company could just fix the controls to the thing. That in itself brings problems, as you’d lose compatibility with games that require single Joy-con controls, like Super Mario Party. You’d also lose out on one of the systems best features: easy-breezy tabletop multi-player.

This could end up being a smart move, especially if it’s a more robust, hardier system. If it launches alongside the next core Pokémon game, for example, it could sell incredibly well. If this is real, however, it does reduce the chances of there being a more powerful and expensive “Switch Pro” on the horizon, as it’s unlikely Nintendo would do both in a single calendar year.

Last Updated: February 1, 2019

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