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Resident Evil 6 is a failure

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Resident Evil 6 was, frankly, terrible. It was an odd melting pot of diverse ideas that just couldn’t be realised properly as a cohesive game. One section tried to be akin to classic resident Evil, while another was an all-out action experience, leading to a muddy, confused title. Capcom had hoped the game would sell 7 million copies worldwide. It hasn’t.

In its recently released year end financial result, Capcom revealed that the game has sold just under 5 million units, well short of company targets. Funnily enough, that makes it the fourth best-selling title in the company’s extensive history – but that’s apparently just not good enough.

Capcom says that the game initially sold "at a brisk pace" when it was released last year, but that sales of the zombie-killing survival horror action shooter"subsequently plateaued.”

“As a result, Capcom says, “it did not meet with our projection and thus was not able to play a role in leading the segment’s sales growth."

The biggest problem with Resident Evil 6 is that it tried too hard to please everybody – and when that happens you end up with watered down elements that leave nobody happy.

Last Updated: May 9, 2013

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