Resident Evil Producer feels that action focus may not have been a good idea

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Resident Evil, what happened to you? You used to be cool. I remember plopping your second game into a Playstation console, gaming away throughout the night and mentally scarring myself to the point where I was too scared to get out of bed to take a piss break. Now? You’re a mere shadow of your former self, an action-bloated adrenaline junkie film that doesn’t surprise or innovate. And according to Resident Evil producer Maachika Kawata, this new direction may have been the wrong one.

“Looking at user feedback from the last couple of games, I’ve started to slightly revise my opinion on that matter,” Kawata said to VideoGamer via Destructoid, regarding the more action-packed shifts seen in Operation Raccoon City and Resident Evil 6. “I still think it’s important for us to challenge ourselves to include new elements in the games to keep them fresh and keep them relevant,” Kawata explained, as he elaborated on how he wanted to keep horror and suspense elements in future games, even if they felt more like an action film in the process.

I think there could be potential in taking the base of that game and if we were – hypothetically – to develop a sequel to that, then start bringing back horror into that base that we started with. That could be a way to start bringing the elements that we think we need together in one game.

Or you could just, y’know, actually make a horror game instead. Dead Space received rave reviews when the first and the second games went along this path, proving that there is still a market for releasing games that have the ability to turn your underwear into 50 shades of brown. With Resident Evil Revelations being a step in the right direction on the 3DS, and now coming to several other consoles except the PS Vita, jaded gamers can also experience this more positive RE game.

Or they can wait until the eventual reboot of the franchise arrives to kill another retro memory.

Last Updated: February 4, 2013

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