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Resident Evil: Village saw over 100,000 concurrent Steam players on launch

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Resident Evil: Village is good and I think Capcom knew this. It must have, considering the amount of marketing that went into the game. As it turns it, all that money spent on live streams and trailers has clearly paid off as Resident Evil: Village saw a swarm of players on Steam on launch. According to SteamCharts, on launch day Resident Evil: Village had a peak concurrent player count of 101,726. That’s a lot of players wanting to shoot lycans in the face but let’s be real: 80% of those players just wanted to be stepped on by Lady Dimitrescu. You know who you are.


That peak player count is actually a bigger deal for Capcom than you might expect as it’s set a record for the whole franchise. If you head on over back to SteamCharts, you’ll see that the only Resident Evil game to come close to Village was Resident Evil 2 Remake which clocked in with 74,024 concurrent players. The other entries in the game have been even less successful than that, with the predecessor of Village, Resident Evil 7 only managing an all-time peak of 18,211. Clearly Village is just appealing to people in all the right ways. Again, we know who you are.


It makes sense not only because of the hype but also because it’s just damn good. In my review for Resident Evil: Village, I wrote, “Resident Evil: Village is equal parts terrifying and empowering. It’s haunting, tense, and filled with all kinds of gruesome action you’ll only ever see in a franchise that revels in its campy nature. Fans of the franchise will no doubt pick up on its familiar beats, but that’s for the best as it strikes a happy balance between fresh and familiar.”

Last Updated: May 10, 2021

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