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Rumour – Castlevania is headed to the 3DS, in time for E3

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I recently bought 51% of a vampire hunting company.  I'm now the main stake holder.

Check this out. It’s my Nintendo 3DS. It launched last year. All this stuff on it? That’s dust. Lots and lots of dust. Since it launched, the 3DS has been on the receiving end of very few quality games, with Resident Evil Revelations and a few Mario games being the sole exception.

So what kind of game would have me grab my 3DS, blow the dust off of it like an old tome and start playing again? One with whips, leather and vampires of course! Kind of like some of those videos I have hidden under my bed…

Dutch website N1ntendo picked up the rumour of a new Castlevania game, after Konami revealed it to them, through two members of the development team from Lords of Shadow, the well received Castlevania game that recently appeared on current-gen consoles.

Konami has also registered a new domain name “castlevania-mirroroffate.com”, while the Paul Gale network reports that the game will be the usual 2D adventure, with two characters for play, as well as some co-op play.

In addition, the 3DS cameras will be used in the title, with one camera acting as a mirror, while the other is used for puzzle elements. Castlevania games are no stranger to Nintendo devices, as they’ve long been a feature on them, using familiar gameplay from the legendary Symphony games in the series.

Looks like the bug is about to bite my neck again, with this Mirror of Fate.

Last Updated: May 23, 2012

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