Rumour – GTA V preorders start this Friday

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Will it or won’t it? That’s the question that plenty of Grand Theft Auto fans on PC have asked since the fifth game was revealed, promoted and pimped out on console last year. Rockstar has kept dead quiet on the matter so far, with nary a hint of anything being done to bring the game over to the PC platform. But PC gamers could be in for a surprise, as early as this Friday.

According to GameReactor Sweden, GTA V will be open for pre-orders this Friday, as their source at the Nordic retailer shop Elgiganten, will be taking down names for it. There’s been plenty of evidence to support that GTA V is on the way in recent weeks.

At one point, PC code was uncovered for the game when Rockstar was ironing out several bugs, Amazon reckoned that March 12 was D-Day for a PC launch and Nvidia pretty much expected the game to be released on that platform.

Honestly, I’d love for the damn game to get released on PC so that we can get this massive secret circle jerk over with. I loved GTA V, and it made up for the morbid, depressing nature of GTA IV in so many ways. Such as car physics which made driving and evading high-speed pursuits fun again, or its relentless satire of the vapid nature of the American dream to be famous and rich at any cost.

Also, PC gamers need to experience Trevor, because any game that allows you to run around killing hipsters and rewarding you for that act of justified violence is OK in my book.

Last Updated: January 30, 2014

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