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Rumour: Just Cause 3 is in development

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The open world genre has given us some fantastic games, titles which present stirring emotional tales with a freedom to explore and extend the longevity of said game, well after the end credits have rolled.

But most importantly, sandbox games have given us a consequences-free environment to digitally wreck and explode everything in sight. And when it comes to pure, unadulterated action on an epic scale, you’d be hard pressed to find any other game that does it as well as the Just Cause franchise.

Just Cause 2 proved to be a smash hit last year, climbing up the sales charts with its ludicrous acting, insanely addictive gameplay and paper-thin plot. So should it come as a surprise that the developers are prepping a third Just Cause game for next year?

The latest issue of Xbox World Magazine has reported that “Our spies say devs Avalanche are hard at work as we speak, and that it’s set for release next year”, in one of their magazine sections.

Back in 2010, Avalanche Studio Head Christofer Sundberg remarked that the Swedish team was up for another venture into the world of Pacific island pandemonium, saying that “We are absolutely interested in working with the Just Cause IP again”, and that fans “shouldn’t be surprised” to see any future sequels.

As long as Avalanche keeps the insane grappling hook and parachute gameplay, while smoothing out some of the ridiculous difficulty spikes found in the games, as well as adding in some new ways to deal death, I think we might have another winner on our hands here.

Last Updated: October 28, 2011

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