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Rumour: Mad Max: Fury Road's George Miller to direct MAN OF STEEL 2

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Long, long ago in 2007, in a land far, far away in Australia, veteran director George Miller was all set to make a Justice League movie for Warner Bros that would launch their shared movie universe. For Justice League: Mortal he had a solid script locked and loaded (which you can read here) and had assembled an exciting young cast (you check out some of their concept art here); all that was necessary was for the cameras to start rolling. But then the Australian government revoked the tax exemption the production would have received for shooting Down Under, and without that discount WB became concerned about the film’s massive budget and pulled the plug at the 11th hour.

Justice League Mortal

It’s taken WB 7 years, a couple false starts and Zack Snyder’s not-as-widely-praised-as-they-would-have-liked Superman movie Man of Steel to eventually get their shared universe wish. In the mean time, Miller went off to mostly work on this teeny tiny little passion project of his that you may have heard of: Mad Max: Fury Road. But according to a new rumour, Miller may just be switching up the guzzeline and desertscapes for capes and Kryptonian ice fortresses to play in WB’s wheelhouse once again.

The rumour comes from John Schnepp, the director behind The Death of Superman Lives: What Happened?, the documentary that examines how one of those infamous movie false starts fell apart. He appeared on Popcorn Talk’s DC Movie News show recently, and dropped this little bombshell.

“Yeah, George Miller. He’s doing Man of Steel 2… I don’t feel weird about breaking it. Obviously Zack Snyder is doing Justice League 1 and 2, we already got James Wan doing Aquaman – Waterman I think they should change the title– but yeah I think George Miller is a perfect choice to do Man of Steel 2, he’s going to bring so much to it.”

Now Schnepp’s “breaking” news comes totally out of left field, but he seems extremely confident about this. Also, with the contacts and connections he gathered doing his Superman Lives documentary it’s certainly not too much of a stretch to think that he would be privy to some inside info.

Also, with Mad Max: Fury Road widely being regarded as not only the best movie of the year thus far, but one of the greatest action movies ever made, Warner Bros are sure as hell big George Miller fans right now. He has a massive public profile and huge geek street cred at the moment, so handing him the reins to a follow-up to Snyder’s Man of Steel certainly makes a whole lot of sense from a business perspective.


And I have to admit, I am incredibly intrigued to see just what kind of Superman movie Miller could make. While I think Snyder’s Man of Steel had its flaws (mostly script issues), I certainly don’t hate it like some comic book fanboys. In fact, I think it’s an imperfect but pretty entertaining version of Superman. That being said, you would have a pretty hard time arguing that Snyder has a better grasp over character nuance, world building and designing action set pieces than Miller does – definitely not after Fury Road. And seeing Miller bring those skills to bear on a Superman movie sounds incredible.

The question though is, should he actually direct? We have no idea when WB wants to do Man of Steel 2 as its not been dated on their official release lineup, but if the scheduling ended up being a choice between him either working on the planned Mad Max: Wasteland or Man of Steel 2, there’s not a shred of doubt as to which production I would rather have him focus on. Spoiler: It’s not the one with the gloomy alien sun god.

At this point in time Warner Bros have declined to comment about the rumour, which sometimes actually says a lot, so we’re going to be keeping a close eye on this one. Here’s the full clip with Schnepp. You’ll need to skip to about the 55:20 mark to hear his comments.


Last Updated: August 24, 2015


  1. I think I need to watch Mad Max: Fury Road again, because, to be brutally honest (and I’ll probably be shot for saying this), I didn’t like it… I honestly didn’t (at one stage I was clock watching, wishing for it to end so I could leave). o_O It just didn’t grip me – story-wise, character-wise, action-wise… Clearly I missed something.


    • Kervyn Cloete

      August 24, 2015 at 17:31

      ………………………………………………… Sorry. I got nothing :p


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