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Rumour – WWE 2K21 may be cancelled, ending the streak

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WWE 2K20, the gift that keeps on giving! Last year’s annual wrasslin’ game was one for the history books, albeit a black book of infamy for a litany of reasons. Without Yukes to steer the WWE ship, last year’s slice of Vinny Mac’s house of slaps was dreadful in every single way possible. 2K’s studio Visual Concepts flipped the switch on the control scheme and thus killed years of thumb memory muscle because…reasons, the numerous glitches resulted in plenty of nightmare fuel highlight reels and the storyline was so bad that Little Nicky looked like Shakespeare in comparison.

While Visual Concepts did work on fixing the game, it was an effort in vain. Imagine patching up a massive hole in a burst dam with second-hand toilet paper and you’ll get the idea of how badly rushed to market WWE 2K20 was. Hell, for a while you couldn’t even play WWE 2K20 in 2020, thanks to a bug in the game code that rendered the product inoperable on the first day of the new decade.

The benchmark for a WWE game was so low, that a chap in Australia kept bashing his head on it. Could 2K’s WWE games get any worse? Yes! Because there might not even be a WWE 2K game this year. That’s the word according to former WWE video game writer Justin Leeper, who claims that due to several factors (And the My Shaaaaaaarona virus), this year’s WWE 2K game is stuck in development hell in a cell. “Traditionally, Wrestlemania brought with it a trailer or an announcement or some news about the upcoming WWE game,” Leeper explained in a vlog.

That did not happen this year, why is that? Because I have heard from reliable sources and I truly believe there will be no WWE 2K21 game this year.

He’s not wrong. Around this time of the year, 2K Games usually has several WWE superstars performing motion capture data for Visual Concepts, faces are being scanned in with the latest camera tech and the road to promotional mania kicks off with a fancy trailer or two. This year? NOTHING! While 2020 looks like it will be devoid of a WWE 2K game, there’ll still be some sort of WWE presence rolling out to console and PC, as Leeper claims that “a different kind of WWE game from a different kind of developer,” will be unveiled.

I can only hope, that this means that we’re finally getting an HD remaster of WWE All Stars. If the rumour is true, this will be the first year ever that the WWE franchise has taken a break. WWE games have been a persistent presence for decades now, well before 2K Games took over the franchise and dating all the way back to WWF Smackdown! in 2000. Talk about ending the streak.

Last Updated: April 14, 2020

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  1. “development hell in a cell” – haha good one!


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