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Evolve multiplayer

Evolve is coming out next year in February and might be the only upcoming multiplayer game (other than Splatoon) that I’m excited to play. It’s as much fun playing a hunter as it is the monster, and I think it will be an absolute blast to play with friends. Erica Denning from 2K sat down with me at rAge, and I got some secret strategies out of her.

Here is the awesome interview with Erica:

For those who don’t watch videos, here are some choice tidbits for those wondering about cool strategies you can use in the game:

  • As the Kraken, use mines in the starting area before hunters arrive
  • Val could be seen as a better medic against the Kraken with Lazarus as an ideal choice against Goliath
  • The Distillery map’s Steammadon decreases visibility – can be used to your advantage when avoiding hunters as the monster
  • The Distillery map includes an actual distillery which produces a perfume that can mask a hunter’s scent, making the monster unable to sense them from afar
  • Creature from the Distillery map defecates; if the monster eats the poo, can gain points towards evolution

Of course, as players learn each other’s preferred techniques, new strategies will emerge and need to adapt. While I am excellent at evading the hunters as the monster in the beginning, I almost always die when it’s time to take on the generator and have the big fight. I also find that depending on the group I’m playing with, any hunter or role can make a huge difference in the final fight – I’ve seen stellar support or trackers actually do more damage to the monster than a lame assault. You have to play to your role, but there is still a whole bunch of room for experimentation with strategies and techniques.

Have you gotten a chance to play the game? Did you find a preferred way of playing, or was it all dependent on your team members/opponents?

Last Updated: October 13, 2014

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