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Skylanders launch trailer, you need to see this

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You may or may not have heard of Skylanders yet but if you haven’t and you have a kid under say 15 then this game could possibly make you the best parent in the entire world this Christmas.

In a nutshell Skylanders is about collecting and swapping figurines that are actually characters that you can play in a video game. Your characters has a little memory chip in it so as you rank up your figurine becomes more valuable.

I’m expecting this to be a smash worldwide hit this holiday season so if you’re starting to think what to get the kids (cousins etc) for Christmas you may want to consider picking some of these up before they are sold out and you’re left being the creepy uncle with the drinking problem

And yes they will be available in South Africa and yes the build quality (from my mini hands on) is incredible

Last Updated: October 13, 2011

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