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Small Capcom Update – Who has Capcom now?

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The simplest things in life can often turn out to be an absolute nightmare and I am starting to think that is what this Capcom issue is about to become.

I posted on the weekend about the rumours of SK Gaming losing the Capcom licence and said that I would send out the obligatory emails and let you know what’s up.

First things first, the only concrete information I have is that Megarom are not looking at taking over the contract at this time.

Next up the not so good news, at the moment SK appears to be refusing to comment. We have left them a slew of phone messages and emails and the best thing we have gotten out of them at this time is a read receipt on our email. Honestly I always feel it is better to face up to these rumours as quickly as possible before they get out of hand and it would be nice for SK to at least confirm or deny it.

Then I moved onto Capcom where their head of European Communications, Ben LeRouge, was kind enough to quickly respond to my emails but unfortunately doesn’t know to much about the issue. His colleagues who do are apparently stuck in the blizzard in London at the moment. Hopefully more will come from that shortly.

So now onto the bad news, a quick look through BT Games release schedule confirms that things have gone tits up for the Capcom distribution. Street Fighter 4 which was meant to be released in February is now labelled as ETA to be advised.

Resident Evil 5 which was meant to land in March is now listed as ETA: June 2009.

So it looks like importing is going to be the way to go with these two titles, I personally don’t usually support importing as it is better to keep the money in the country but there is no way I can advocate waiting 4 months longer purely because of a local distribution problem.

The last point is that the latest rumour is that Capcom is in the final stages of agreeing a new local distributor and hopefully we will all get to hear who that is soon enough.

hmm maybe Small Capcom Update is a bit misleading?

Last Updated: February 3, 2009

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