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So PlayStation Home was a thing…did anyone care?

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I didn’t have a PS3 when PlayStation Home was first announced and it made me sad. I felt like I was going to miss out on something truly awesome and is definitely one of the things that made me pick up a PS3 in the end.

It was also the very first thing I loaded up when I got my PS3. I wanted to check out the arcades, see my fellow PSN’ers running around and start making my home so that I can show off what an epic gamer I was. Well that lasted about 5 minutes and I was bored so I left and didn’t go back until the first game-themed room was announced. Which I think was Warhawk but I could be mistaken.

Man that room was so well hyped that I was expecting it to completely change the rather dull Warhawk experience and finally move gaming into this massive online integrated experience that worked. And as sure as night follows day it didn’t manage to do it. From the idea of gaming arcades where you had to queue to use a game to the relentless sexual pestering that happened in Home it felt like they were always on the edge of something incredible and yet kept on just missing it.

But no matter how many times people claimed it was going to be shut down it just never happened and you know why? Well it was apparently massively profitable with companies such as Audi, Red Bull, Fuji, Ford and Coca Cola, just to name a few, all paying Sony to create special brand areas in the experience.

That and those advertising boards that showcased the latest movies etc were all reasons why Sony kept the product going for so long. However I think it is quite clear how low down on gamers radars PS Home really was since it closed down on Tuesday evening and not a single care was given. But with Virtual Reality doing its utmost to become a thing did Sony kill Home just a little too soon, wouldn’t it be perfect with Project Morpheus?

So are you glad to see PS Home go or do you wish it stayed alive and kept on improving… or could you not care less?

Last Updated: April 2, 2015

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