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Sony to reveal two unannounced titles at Gamescom

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Do you fear the reaper?

Sony is on a roll at the moment with bringing new IP’s and titles to the industry and according to more Gamescom rumours we can expect yet another two unannounced titles to make their public debut at Gamescom next month.

However on the negative side it sounds like Beyond Two Souls won’t be making an appearance which is a little surprising as it’s being developed by a Parisian company so they are either not the least bit interested about their European audience or [tinfoilhat] the game is actually a PS4 game and they don’t want to show it again so soon as then people will start asking them some tough questions that may give the game away [/hatoff]

All in all I’m pretty excited about attending my first Gamescom next month so stay tuned you’re going to love how we are going to be reporting all the juicy details right here on Lazygamer

Last Updated: July 25, 2012

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