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Sony’s doing R&D on its next-gen console

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There’s been a great big debate over whether or not consoles are dead, or perhaps dying. Gaming, says some analytical people in suits, is going mobile, and those platforms will soon supersede dedicated gaming platforms in the hearts and minds of the average consumer. The professional conjecture would have us believe that this current generation of set-top consoles will be the last, as tech heads towards some sort of unholy convergence, giving us one handheld mega device to replace everything else. Not so fast.

It seems that Sony, at least, has one more console in them. According to job listings, they’re preparing to ramp up their R&D for their “next generation” console. According to a job listing by Sony Computer Entertainment, looking for a Senior Game Programmer (via Gamingbolt), they want a “senior game programmer to assist in developing a game used for R&D purposes related to a next generation gaming system.” That really just means they want somebody to make a terribly impressive tech demo to help tweak the specs of their next machine.

While many might bemoan the fact that they’re busy making the PS5 so soon after the PlayStation 4’s release, the fact that they’re in the R&D phase really shouldn’t be any surprise – and it’s likely that R&D began before the PlayStation 4 even hit retail.  Building a console takes time. My hope is that this time they’re a little ahead of the technological curve. While the PlayStation 4 is a lovely little machine, it’s being regularly outpaced by midrange gaming PC’s, which is in turn, holding back PC games.

Sony, of course, isn’t the only platform holder readying a new system. Nintendo’s announced it has a new system coming, codenamed “NX,” but that’s a bit of an enigma right now. They’ve said the NX won’t replace the Wii U or the 3DS – which bolsters my suspicion that it will replace both.

Microsoft may or may not have their own plans for a next gen system which won’t, I’d wager, come bundled with Kinect.

Last Updated: May 25, 2015

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